Very interesting phenomenon of SPACIA

We can have a glimpse of phenomenon of the unique feature of SPACIA,
a layered glass that has not been known to us in the history of window glass
with insulation capability.

We were very much surprised at first and thought that it might be a defective product,
as we did not have any knowledge of its cause.

‚PDWonderful of Spacer

As far as insulation function is concerned, SPACIA is extremely superior to any other glasses.
We observed a peculiar phenomenon of the SPACIA that we could never imagine.
We have then spent considerable period of time by we have become known
that it is due to its superior insulation function that generates such phenomenon,
since we have never experienced with conventional layered insulation glasses.

The flower of SPACIA and the flower of happiness (We named it at our discretion.)

‚QDInternal Dew Condensation
@iDew condensation in a roomj

‚RDExternal Dew Condensation

We are collecting photos of such phenomena. 
If you would offer us such photo(s), we would be glad to present you
a small of token of our thanks that is made by Mr. Chikahiko Okada, a glass craftsman.
We welcome your offer at:

‚SDSurprising report
‚TDPay attention in addition

We trust that you enjoy your rich living environment
with superb function of Spacia.