We wish you to understand
why we wanted to make this home
page available.

It is said that the relationship with human
beings and glass began as long as
6,000 to 7,000 years ago.

However, the history of glass used for windowpane is not that long. People wanted more lights through the windowpane. During the past 100 years people succeeded to make glasses surprisingly in large size without any strain.

We have been worrying about many of you have not been aware of glasses are used in the area of artificial bones, video equipment, nuclear power applications


Since it is existing so close to us, we feel it like air which is available naturally.
However, immediately after occurrence of
the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in January 1995
demands calling for maintenance of glasses rushed to us
next to recovery of so called the lifelines(Water, gas, electricity, etc.)

We are more than happy if we may be able to have you
as well as following generations realize mysterious glass
which is said to be a relative of amorphous and if we can
introduce you to various glasses bearing new functions
and those glasses which are used for electronics components and
other areas.

We are prepared for answering your questions regarding glass and we would deeply appreciate your impression of our home page to:

It'll be highly appreciated for us of your
comments and any questions.

Osaka Sheet Glass Company Limited